I loved the ‘Brothers, Angels & Demons’ show. It’s a truly remarkable piece of art that everyone, Angels fan or not, will love. A great informative and often humorous journey delivered in a most unique and dynamic fashion. A must see!
Kate Ceberano – Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012

The Brewster Brothers - John & Rick

Brothers, Angels & Demons” is an exciting music theatre show built around the kind of story you couldn’t invent even if you tried… this is definitely a case of truth is better than fiction!

Relax as the lights dim and you listen in on a tale of highways and byways told by two of the key players. Understand the inner realm of The Angels as they reveal the woven complexities that drive a world of entertainment known only to the few who succeed.

The Forefathers - Arthur & Hooper Brewser-Jones - Father & Grandfather To John & Rick

Who might have thought that a father and his son working tirelessly in an Adelaide orchestra would unwittingly release an avalanche towards international fame for a young group from the coming generation?

How could they know their descendants would band together with like minded youths to embark on a journey that would give rise to The Angels – a pivotal force in creating Australia’s very own Pub Rock music scene.

Five Brewsters On Stage Together - Rick, John, Sam, Harry & Tom

As the evening unfolds, breath in a family history that has fuelled so much of the relentless momentum behind the songs and performances offered up by one of Australia’s most revered rock’n’roll bands.

Come to understand the depth, determination and talent possessed by those who joined in during the years. Feel their signature on the pages of a story which has evolved through intense highs, incredible lows, raunchy laughter and sometimes dark abstention!

Brothers, Angels & Demons - The Angels In The Early Years

Delve right into the history of a band that would first take the nation by storm during the turbulent 70’s and then continue on to take up their own unique place within Australia’s recent cultural history.

From humble beginnings in suburban folk clubs, prizes in classical Eisteddfods, zany local Jug’n’String gigs and all the way to overseas concert stages – audiences who enjoy a night of Brothers, Angels & Demons will be privy to the big picture behind this epic Australian tale!